•  Handcrafted to inspire.
    Finely crafted wood products on Maui, Hawaii

  • Live edge slab wood provides a visually stunning look.

    Local Hardwoods

    Mango, Monkeypod, Koa.

  • Custom Millwork

    Vanities, Mirrors, Cabinets and more.

  • Custom Cabinet Bookmatched Door Fronts

    Artistic Detailing

    Our custom cabinet are artistically fabricated using carefully selected wood.
    Book-matched doors, grain matched rails and detailed finishing are a few of the fine touches we add.

  • A cabinet door illustrating the custom woodworking services of Nakoa Woodworks.

    Perfection and passion for custom woodworking.

    Looking for a fine piece of furniture a step above the rest? Our custom furniturecabinetry services and millwork will provide you with a highly unique piece for your kitchen, bathroom or other space around the house. We strive to not only provide the highest quality custom woodworking, but to partner with you to completly translate your dream into a reality. Our mission is not to look at furniture as merely functional objects. Every cabinet, table or vanity we deliver is lovingly crafted to give your space an immediate sense of peace and then draw you in to a creative, energizing mood that will leave you restful and elated at the end of the day. Yes we really do believe furniture can do that and we are passionate about partnering with you to craft your perfect space. Give us a call today to talk more.

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Cabinetry, Millwork and Furniture

We design and build the highest quality furniture and cabinetry. From high-end restaurants to designer kitchens our craftsman put the finest detail into all our projects.



Get a closer look into our custom woodworking process. From wood selection to finish, see all that goes into the cabinets and furniture we build.

We all know that feeling we get when we walk through the show room halls of the big blue home furniture stores. That oooh I like this, or wow that could work. Soon enough we get overloaded by all the designs, styles and people. At the end of our visit we probably end up only buying an odd shaped lamp. Maybe thats just me. 
Shopping for cabinets is a big deal. Its not something that should be rushed, pushed on you or neglected. Kitchens, my main focus here, are the centerpiece of the home. It’s where we all come together to reflect at the end of the day. Where creativity is reflected through our cuisine. It’s where we begin unwinding by uncorking that bottle of wine.

You may not think about it, but every door hinge, handle and wood fiber is something you are going to stare at for years. Its going to speak to you as you open the door, look in at the dishes and go about the day. What it says goes deeper than your consciousness. Thats probably why when a new kitchen is purchased there is this sense of elation and excitement. Something new is going to happen here, something exciting!

Any half interesting voice spoken to us over and over can get old. We need compelling new messages and hidden nuances that come to life over time. Cabinets really are no different. The sense of excitement with our new kitchen can quickly subside as these become yesterday’s style. Even though they technically function and look ok, they become like warn out rags to us. They are the equivalent to shallow people, nice on the outside, but once you get to know them its time to move on.

I believe we don’t have to let this happen. Maybe we are hung up on the sticker price instead of considering the long term value of our investment. We’re not thinking about how they are going to make us feel next year, 5 year and maybe even 10 years from now. While there are obviously a lot of other things to look at in your cabinet purchase here a few of my important things.